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Building Clinical Trial Communities

Clinical Trials Community

How can we use the web and “social media tools” to better communicate with and engage our investigators and make for better, more efficient and effective trials?

This is a question that many companies are asking themselves.

Investigators and trial coordinators are among the sponsor’s strongest resources, not only for running clinical trials and submitting data, but possibly even for helping to improve trials conceptually. To tap into the full potential of those resources, everyone's input must be properly channeled.

AxxiTRIALS offers clinical trial project managers, study coordinators, investigators, etc. a single, secure platform on which to communicate. It is designed to motivate its users to stay focused on the trial’s objectives and, in lieu of one-way communications or once-a-year meetings, offers them a place they will want to visit frequently to communicate with colleagues around the world.

Various features of AxxiTRIALS boost trial efficiency and motivate participants to play an active role in their trial community. Notifications about protocol updates and SUSARS are distributed promptly and reliably, read confirmations are kept on record, and all documents are accessed easily from any computer with an internet connection. Training is done efficiently online and at a time and pace that is convenient for each person. Moderated blogs and forums allow users on both the sponsor and the clinical side of a trial to share their ideas and experiences.

AxxiTRIALS is a true Clinical Trials Community Portal.