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Axxcelerate Your Trials

The Benefits of AxxiTRIALS

Key CRO & Sponsor Benefits

Clinical Trials Community
  • Feasibility Survey tool saves everyone time and insures data integratity across trials.
  • Powerful tracking and reporting tools for every stage of the trial.
  • Saves sponsors time and resources by distributing documents digitally and sending notifications globally, according to each investigator's preferences. No more paper mountains!
  • Enables global compliance with clear read monitoring and automated reminder systems.
  • Places training materials at the investigators' fingertips.
  • Motivates recruitment through comparative enrollment statistics, by highlighting recruitment leaders, and through other interactive elements.
  • Creates strong Trial Communities using social features like the monitored Blog, Forums and Image Galleries.
  • Encourages participation through 'Investigator of the Month' awards and other incentives.

Key Investigator Benefits

  • AxxiTRIALS' streamlined interface is so intuitive, sites can use it immediately with no training
  • Securely email regulatory documents directly into the portal without even logging in!
  • Prefilled feasibility surveys save PIs time and improves response time
  • Single sign-on to multiple systems via a single portal saves time and keeps site teams happy
  • Secure compliant eSignature saves staff time and makes for a more efficient workflow
  • Engages and motivates investigators by creating a private online community of which they are a part.
  • Simplifies management of trial documents and training materials using myBinder™.
  • Empowers investigators to see and compare local and global recruitment data, presented in interactive formats like the dashboard globe, enrollment graphs, and the Recruitment Leaders pie chart.
  • Creates strong Trial Communities and encourages investigators to share their experiences using social features like the sponsor-monitored Blog, Forums and Image Galleries.
  • Connects investigators with their trial managers for easy communication via the AxxiTRIALS portal, including secure Live Chat feature.
Clinical Trials Community