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Announcing the launch of AxxCELA™ and AxxCELA SEND™

The latest addition to the AxxiTRIALS portal, AxxCELA™, allows your sites to submit their regulatory documents securely, efficiently and directly into the AxxiTRIALS automated workflow system without ever having to log in!

One of the biggest challenges we all face when running a clinical trial is the exchange and management of the regulatory documents associated with that trial. Enormous amounts of time can be spent chasing documents from the sites and then, when received, getting those documents into their proper systems, through their workflows and with the correct metadata information attached to them so that by the time they are ready to go to eTMF they are complete and ready for filing.
AxxCELA allows sites to simply email their documents directly to the portal (instead of to you or your staff!) and the files are then loaded automatically into the AxxiTRIALS portal, reducing costs and raising efficiencies for Sites, CROs and Sponsors. AxxCELA SEND leverages industry-leading security technology to evaluate the inbound email, process it through established security protocols and load it directly into the portal for filing. If they choose, users can also easily log-in to upload all their documents with one drag-and-drop action. Metadata is added and the assigned CRO/Sponsor staff member via notified that the file is ready for their review.
AxxCELA's intuitive interface then allows for simple drag-and-drop matching to open action items to complete the tasks with the AxxCELA Matchmaker™ tool. This kicks off the AxxiTRIALS workflow process, which automatically routes the document to appropriate people at the CRO and/or Sponsor for approvals, collects metadata along the way, tracks the document’s progress, updates reports, stores the document in the site’s eBinder and tags it for eTMF filing. By the time the workflow is complete, the document is ready for eTMF with no additional data entry needed.
Just as they are alerted to outstanding documents, Study Admins now also get notified on their dashboard of any uploads any site might have made, making it easy for Trial Admins and CRAs to easily stay on top of any inbound files from the sites they manage. As always, the Study Site Coordinator and CRO/Sponsor staff can access the site's eBinder to manage the documents and see what is missing so there is "one version of the truth" at all times.

AxxCELA’s site-friendly approach significantly increases site adoption, speeds processing, and eliminates re-keying of information, resulting in reduced time to initiation, costs and errors.